September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

We discussed about contents in our group directed studies today. For my project, content is everything. Without content, my project will be empty. I know I need to collect more data and research aside from the interviews that I did over the summers. The task for this week is to type out survey questions (for data) and also email out to several people the interview questions. I also need to work on a more detailed SSNiF.

I found several sites that I can pull my data and contents from:

The Last Half Century of overseas Chinese
Encyclopedia of overseas Chinese

I think the hardest part would probably be getting the data on Chinese immigrations stats to different countries to form an infographic piece on the history/wave of immigrations. Another piece of infographic will be the users/people’s data. I’m thinking on how I can present those data that allows the user to filter the all data and have control over what type of data shown. Jonathan Harris’ site “we feel fine” is a good example of filtering.

Sites that I can draw inspirations on in terms of content/storytelling:

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