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September 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

After the infographics class tonight, I kept on thinking about how to present my data. Then, I also realized that I have another piece of infographics which is the history part. Instead of just having text on the main influx/wave of immigrations, why not show it through graphs? Chart of Chinese emigrations over time, with the users can control the time (slider on the years). Then, perhaps provide a general overview on the main waves at the high points.

Then for the data part, I’m wondering how can I let the users do the control a little bit more. The problem though is, the data will be dynamic, so I’m not sure how will that play on the appearance. I’m thinking about if I’m combining the data section into the stories section and labeling it “explore” So, when the user enter, they can either, “read history” “explore> stories + data” or “share>login/register”.

Stories — sort by — theme — sort by (many themes), age, nationality, ratings
Data(or statistics?) view by — surname, ancestor village, ….

Would it be too much? Or would it be better to just, “Know the history” “Read the stories” and “Explore the data/stats” “Be a part of the legacy/family/community”


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