Things are progressing

July 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, from the last time, we finally managed to get the age right, however, instead of using an age field and do a php calculation from the birthdate field, what we do is just have one birthday field and the age is a calculation from that birthdate field alone, so this way, user will only need to fill out their birthday and their age will be calculated. The problem with this though, it’s not going to be searchable by the query and not having age as a taxonomy vocabularies means that it’s not available for it to be filtered. Talking about filtering system, I finally decided to just use the view filter instead of custom search because custom search needs a value entered in before giving up results and I don’t want that. So, the view filter works perfectly fine. However, during playing around with the views filter and trying to get the user’s taxonomy, I realized that the taxonomy vocabularies that are attached to the user are not working. They worked for nodes, but somehow when I attached them to users, it just won’t find it, although it appears like it’s attaching to the user. >_< This is a big downer because it basically eliminates the more advanced “people search” where user can search other users specifically with the same surname or roots. My advisor tried to figure it out and tried finding a solution online, but somehow it seems that it’s just a bug >_< because it’s suppose to work. I don’t know if we’re going to find a workaround on that in time before I have to present.

Another headache was the styling of user profile. We somewhat had it resolved, but it still need a lot of work. We actually wrote a bunch of print command on the template for styling it. Then there’s also problem of having the content of a current user visible when they’re seeing other people’s profile, but we somehow managed to resolve that with contextual filter.


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