Testing results

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

After doing rough paper prototype testing on a user, I decided to keep the tabs on the profile. I think perhaps that makes more sense. I might move “connect + share” to be the first tab though instead of it being on the last because “connect + share” is basically the user’s “home” after they log in. The “homepage” is for the non-user. I’ve asked a user and they expected their “home” to be their profile or some kind of news feed page after they login. They didn’t expect that their “home” would be the original “homepage”. When I looked at most of the social networking site, it does follow that pattern. So, I think I might do 2 different home, depending when the user login, or when they don’t login. The other result is that the user would expect that they can also search for name in the “people” tabs. I currently don’t have that now.

I’m also thinking of adding more categories to the “topics” list. I still wouldn’t want to implement user-generated tags because it will be a little bit messy.


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