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March 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve started in building up the Drupal site. Slowly working with my adviser in trying to build the user profile and trying to figure out what modules that we need in order to have all the functionality that we want. It’s a long process, but I’ve found several modules that are good and that’s working. There’s a few design/functionality decision that I needed to make though. For an example, there’s “User Relationship” module, which lets you define what type of relationship that you have with a person, so being a “friend” is just one type of relationship. This opens to possibilities of multiple type of “connections” and much more personalized. However, the questions is do I really need that?

So far, I’ve build 3 sandbox drupal just to test the modules out, and one completely crash because of a dev modules. It’s really amazing on how one modules can just completely crash it. the problem with Drupal 7 though is that many modules are still in dev stage and there’s several modules that could be a good use for me aren’t developed in 7 yet >_<. But Drupal 7 is certainly much more easier to use than D6, definitely less complicated since there’s a few complex modules that’s already included in the core modules.


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