February 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m currently thinking of a name change for this project. I kept on thinking about any other options, but I kept on coming back to roots+branches. I was thinking of “red thread” but the red thread has a connotation of fateful destiny and love (because of the red thread legend). So, I was thinking of any other Chinese icons that almost everyone can recognize it’s Chinese or if that person is raised in a Chinese family know about. But, I can’t really found one that’s nice. “Bamboo” was a contender, but it seems a little random….Roots+Bamboo was another one too, but it’s still too long. I wanted something that carries meaning or have some relevancy to he concept of this thesis but also short and snappy. “Ye” was also another contender, “Ye” in Chinese can mean a page, or leaf.

Then I thought, why do I kept on insisting on using the tree analogy in the name? I need to refocus and see where my thesis is going now. This project has turn from an infographic oriented to a more social network oriented. It’s all still about stories. So, essentially, it’s about overseas Chinese sharing stories with each other and making a connection. The purpose of learning more about other overseas Chinese is still achieved, though it’s through stories that each person told. In a way, this is far more human and interesting because stories bring people closer and people who share similar experiences will connect. Even, people with very different experience/stories will connect because of curiosity. So, the main essence of this project is people (overseas Chinese), stories, and connection. Then, I thought of Mingle. When you “mingle” (socially), you basically chat, share stories, talk to different person and also share your contact number (make connections?). I’m starting to like the sounding of “Mingle” and the idea that comes behind it. The definition of the word itself is:

1. To mix or bring together in combination, usually without loss of individual characteristics. See Synonyms at mix.
2. To mix so that the components become united; merge.

1. To be or become mixed or united.
2. To join or take part with others:
And in a way, this reflects the nature of being an “overseas Chinese”; a Chinese who live or grow up in a culture other than their own. I can still use the analogy of a tree too, because a tree is one, but their roots and branches sprout out.
I’m still thinking about this and will definitely asked a few more people’s opinion.

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