Summary of DS:User Experience

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since we left off on the last entry, things have changes for the direction of this project. After we did paper prototype and user testing, it seems that the users wanted to be more acquainted with the person who told the story. They also wanted the ability to look to people who share the same background with them. So, after a long consideration, I’ve decided to change the direction of this project to more towards the social networking part. I’ve conducted user testing and it seems that they wanted to connect to the people who tell the story. Thinking more about it, I just realized that it make more sense to add the social component part because it’s the place where user can share with each other and learn more about each other personally. Adding the social component part is also going to add more depth to this project. It’s going to be more than just a collective stories and more than just something that people can contribute to. It will turn into a community site with people sharing stories about their life and find more people with similar background/heritage.

From the beginning of this class, I’ve come a long way. But now that I’ve figured out the direction that I want to go, I still need to flesh out the interaction for the social components. Users will be able to connect with each other “+connect” and they can share their story and profile. Users can also comment on stories and also get a visualization of who is in their connection. I’ve also separated the profile into two parts, “general profile” and “cultural profile,” in the cultural profile, I will be able to ask more details on their heritage and traditions. One comments from Kathleen is that, the data comparison part is very interesting but maybe I need to take a few of the more important/interesting highlights and then take it to the map. Towards creating a mockup final for this class, I’ve looked at commercial websites and social network websites on how they’re filtering their data and people. It’s quite helpful to see how these sites are organizing their data.

Now since my direction change into more towards the social components and it will involve users (and revolve around users), then it makes more sense for my site to be build/develop primarily on a CMS like Drupal with several Flash components.


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