Papervision learning!

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

On our third project for Scripting class, we have to choose a topic that’s not covered in class and learn them so we can teach it to the class at the end of the project. Papervision is listed as one of the topic and I think it’s a good time to actually pick it apart and see if I can try to understand the way it works, at least for the basic part. So, for these 3 weeks, I think I’ll try to read papervision tutorials and try to somehow understand them. Our teacher said that for the final, we can do whatever we want. I wonder if by then, I’ll be able to experiment more with papervision and maybe do a UI mockup for my thesis, just the part where the user enter in to the “explore story” mode and see all the pictures organized in 3D space. I think that is going to be my goal. I’m going to do either that, or somehow an application for my infographics part. For infographics project, I will definitely do the stats for my thesis. The only thing I’m still deciding is either if I better do the “history of Chinese immigrations” info or the “overseas Chinese stats” info. It’s probably easier to get the overseas Chinese stats data, as I’m going to need to send out the survey that I’ve created with SurveyMonkey to my friends and people that I know to be filled out, but then, I won’t be able to have that many data (maybe close to 50?) But researching the Chinese population over a period of time in different countries will be quite an arduous task too.

Last week’s user experience class, I decided to scrap the “rate the story” idea and substitute with “like” because rating a person’s story is probably not a good idea. I think the “like” button is probably better, there will also be “share” button (an options with sharing to social media platform like fb, twitter, digg, etc) and the comments is still undecided. I’m still thinking if the comments are reserved for users who sign up- or not have comments at all. I think I might be condensing my sections/levels into, 3– “history” “explore” “share” — when I boiled it down, it came down to three features. Users can read the general history (waves of immigrations, ZhengHe, etc), explore the stories and stats (main features, more personal), and share their stories (which also includes the stats survey questions). For the share part, I think I’ll use some kind of “join the legacy” or “share your life stories” or “join the family”, some kind of wordings to encourage users to want to join into the accumulative data. What’s in it for the users after they sign up? I’ll probably do this part as a prototype- being able to network and contact each other (a small community for ppl of similar kinds). First release goal- a platform to educate, inspire and motivate, Second release goal- a platform to communicate, to network with similar people.


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