How to get user to participate?

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

After User Experience class last week, I get to think a little bit more on the users of my project. Kathleen told me to think about how much data I want to input by myself and how much do I want it user-generated. There are certainly things that I still need to flesh out again for my project, especially the content. I’ve already formed a survey questions, but now I’m going to look over it again and see if I should streamline my questions and make it simpler. One thing that I need to consider is how can my data be more meaningful for the users? What can the users learn from the data/content?

A resource that was pointed to me during class was Nina Simon’s work at Her insights on Participatory Museums are interesting and it gets me thinking on how I can get the users to participate. I wanted to avoid forming a community of users because of the technical aspect of it will not be possible considering my current skill, but if possible, perhaps a community would be a nice idea.

Another technical aspect that I need to think about is whether to incorporate Drupal CMS along with actionscript, so I don’t have to write the PHP/MYSQL code by myself. I really want the interactivity of Flash and those animation for transitions. So, I’m still not sure which way is the best way yet. I hope by this week’s module as we get to hear someone present about Drupal CMS and the possibility of it combining with Flash, I’ll be able to decide on the technicality.


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