How can I present my data in an interesting way?

September 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

After the first information graphic class, it made me think more about my thesis. How can I present my data in a more interactive way? One thing that really made an impression on me was when April Greiman asked us about what subject matters the most to us and how that should drive our concept and projects. She also said that information graphics is a tool for us to teach people about the subject that matters the most to us. What do we want people to learn when they look at our projects? How can we present a condense data and deliver it so it’s easier to understand?

These questions that she asked us made me think about how I should do the information graphic part of my thesis. The topic is definitely one that I find really interesting and that’s pretty personal to me. One thing that I kept on wondering is that how can I combine the stories with the data (inforgraphics) part more seamlessly. One challenge for me is that the data of my project will be fluid, meaning that there will be addition as users submit their own information. So, the interactive information graphic will also need to be somewhat flexible to accommodate that.


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